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The Plessi winery has been organic since 1987 with AIAB certification and is certified by ICEA since 1993. Located in the locality of San Lorenzo di Castelnuovo Rangone (MO) at 51 meters above sea level, it spreads over an area of ​​4.5 hectares, 3.2 of which are vineyards. Vines from mass selections from the Modena area have been added to the native vines from the company’s plantations.

In order to appreciate the peculiarities of our viticultural biodiversity, the production has been deliberately focused on single-variety wines.

11 labels. Among the 7 sparkling reds Tiepido (Lambrisco Grasparossa) and Lambruscàun (Lambrusco del Pellegrino or di Fiorano). The whites Tarbianèin (Trebbianina or Trebbiano di Spagna) Ruznintèina (Rust) Sparglàta (Spergola) Muntòm (Montuni). The rosé Muntanèra (Tosca). Among the 4 still wines the red Caveriòl (Festasio) Sgavàta (Sgavetta) Grapèl (Grappello) and the white Tarbiàn (Trebbiano Modenese).

The wines are natural certified organic. Claudio Plessi is part of the Vignaioli Artigiani Naturali (VAN) association, which aims to produce an integral and vital wine, with hand-picked grapes. The wines ferment from indigenous yeasts, their sulfur level is low and no other additives or enological adjuvants are used in winemaking.

The sparkling wines are refermented in the bottle without disgorgement, in continuity with the traditions of the territory.

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